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Tabbatha Henry

I have been working in clay since I was a little thing and made my first sculpture, an ice cream sundae, followed closely by a pair of owls on a log, both of which are still in my collection!  

I studied ceramics in earnest during college, then spent the next 10 or so years honing my technical skills during studio exchanges and work studies in private and community studios.  Finally, after learning what I could through sheer trial and error, (still the best teachers, I believe) yet still yearning for serious feedback and aesthetic criticism, I went back to graduate school.  I received my MFA from the School for American Crafts at the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2005.  Ready to take on the world, I moved back to Vermont soon after, and in 2008 launched Tabbatha Henry Designs.


Brian Schwartz

Educator, GMTCC

Brian Schwartz is an educator at the Green Mountain Technology and Career Center in Hyde Park, VT. GMTCC is a technical high school that serves students from Craftsbury Academy, Hazen Union School, Lamoille Union High School, Peoples Academy, and Stowe High School. All students who attend GMTCC are working toward high school graduation as well as the acquisition of industry credentials, college placement credits, and real-world technical skills.


Torrey Carroll Smith


I paint subjects from every day life — like a clothesline or a kitchen tool or part of a landscape — in colorful and unexpected ways in an effort to focus on the beauty, texture and richness in our ever day experience.  

By playing with color, perspective, shape and composition, I develop images that are easily recognized, yet different enough from the way we typically think of them that they engage our attention and sense of wonder. The finished works offer a reminder that the same subject can be experienced in very different ways, even by the same person, depending on what they bring to the moment.  

These pictures become an exploration of the effects of mindfulness and distraction in our lives. I develop them as a reminder for myself of how much happier I am when I am truly (if briefly!) present in my interactions with the world around me — but it is clear from viewers’ reactions that they resonate with others as well.  

I am a mostly self-taught painter.  I have been painting -- a lot -- for about ten years. I am an eager student, hungrily cobbling together my arts education through workshops, books, blogs and our local arts community. I started selling my work in 2012 and rented a dedicated studio space in 2013. I have participated in several group and solo shows each year since then.

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