Community Projects


Facing the Pandemic;
A Covid Mask Art Project

Thank you to all the community members who participated in the mask art project!

This project was designed as a way to allow people to express their viewpoint and the emotions they experienced while living through the Covid-19 global pandemic. 

The project began on August 20th with a talk by Mame McKee, Sarah-Lee Terrat, and MK Monley about setting up the “After Irene - Floodgates Art Project” 9 years ago as a response to Tropical Storm Irene. Inspired by that exhibition, they created an opportunity for a community art project in which participants decorated masks as part of one large exhibit.

The masks were first displayed  in the Stowe Street alley over the August 28 weekend and again during the Waterbury Arts Fest, September 10th and 11th. This project was organized by MakerSphere with support from Revitalizing Waterbury.

Check out some of the mask photos on our Facebook page.